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I’m caught up in the truth that I love because God first loved me, as displayed by the gospel.  The gospel, that Jesus gave Himself for sinners to make them into His bride, His possession, His church, captures my heart.  HE loves me! He LOVES me!  He loves ME!  That’s more than cool.  This truth along with a book I’m reading and a sermon I heard reinforces the profound reality that I can’t love like He loves without His love. How am I loving?  God is love by definition even though He is defined with other attributes as well.  I should be defined by love as well so that others will know that I’m His and He is mine.  Oh, my beloved, my Father, my friend, the lover of my soul!  The One who chose me, saved me, sustains me, and loves me.  I need your love today to love You, my wife, my family, my church, my friends, and my community.  Romance me today like you did when you first called my heart to Yourself.  I love you, my beloved.  I will jump into the river of your love today.  I’ll swim and drink deeply.  I’ll drown myself in the pleasure of knowing You and your grace, which came to me, a sinner, through the perfect person and work of Your Son.


I’ve sensed my heart wandering in the wilderness lately, knowing from where my nourishment comes but being satisfied with hunger and thirst.  Why do I follow after functional gods that give me temporary fixes but cannot sustain me?  I was at the end of my proverbial rope last week when God met me.  He showed me I was trying to conjure up love, peace, joy, etc. without Him.  He said you love me because I first loved you. I cannot do anything spiritually or eternally significant outside of God.  He showed me I must feed on the gospel daily and drink deeply of His grace through the power of the Holy Spirit to be sustained and nourished.  What I lack, He will give.  I came to Him for salvation because I couldn’t save myself so why should I not continue to go back to Him to sustain me with His grace and for Him to provide everything I need spiritually.  I’m thankful today, because of the person and work of Christ, that I can come and receive from the only One I need and trust.  Thank you Father.

I’m sitting here wondering if I have something to say today.  This blogging thing is difficult because I’m not sure how much to talk about.  Once again, I want to share only what may serve the Big Three.  What I do know is that God directed me today to focus less on me and more on Him.  I’ve got a tendency to focus more on the “dark side of everything” (CHS) I’ve gone through, or going through, rather than on the God who has delivered me out of them. This dark focus is not healthy.  It focuses the heart (soul) on self which leads me to fall into the self side of everything. The healthy Christian is one who thinks right, great and big thoughts about God, and what he has done for the Christian through the gospel.  The gospel being the fact that Jesus gave Himself for our sins.  My greatest need has already been met through Christ and it’s in this truth that I must live and breathe this week.  The dark times do exist but I should walk through and out of these times thinking great and right thoughts about my God who continually saves me from darkness.  With the help of the Big Three, I will focus my heart on the The God Side of Everything this week. According to the Bible, the result will be great joy and gladness.

Well, I’ve put this blogging thing off long enough.  One reason is that I’m not sure if I’ve got anything to add.  I do think I would like to have a place to reflect on four topics…God, the gospel, the church, and me. Less about me, however, and more about thinking big thoughts about the former three, how they affect my life and how I can be spent in serving the big three…and maybe someone else will be affected by the big three as I ramble on.

A second reason is that I just put things off.  Like yesterday when I didn’t want to deal or talk about a certain sin in my life.  Some things are too weighty to put off. This is going to require some discipline on my part, but I’m going to make each post short and sweet.  Well, that’s enough for now…until next time.

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