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I’m sitting here wondering if I have something to say today.  This blogging thing is difficult because I’m not sure how much to talk about.  Once again, I want to share only what may serve the Big Three.  What I do know is that God directed me today to focus less on me and more on Him.  I’ve got a tendency to focus more on the “dark side of everything” (CHS) I’ve gone through, or going through, rather than on the God who has delivered me out of them. This dark focus is not healthy.  It focuses the heart (soul) on self which leads me to fall into the self side of everything. The healthy Christian is one who thinks right, great and big thoughts about God, and what he has done for the Christian through the gospel.  The gospel being the fact that Jesus gave Himself for our sins.  My greatest need has already been met through Christ and it’s in this truth that I must live and breathe this week.  The dark times do exist but I should walk through and out of these times thinking great and right thoughts about my God who continually saves me from darkness.  With the help of the Big Three, I will focus my heart on the The God Side of Everything this week. According to the Bible, the result will be great joy and gladness.