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I’m caught up in the truth that I love because God first loved me, as displayed by the gospel.  The gospel, that Jesus gave Himself for sinners to make them into His bride, His possession, His church, captures my heart.  HE loves me! He LOVES me!  He loves ME!  That’s more than cool.  This truth along with a book I’m reading and a sermon I heard reinforces the profound reality that I can’t love like He loves without His love. How am I loving?  God is love by definition even though He is defined with other attributes as well.  I should be defined by love as well so that others will know that I’m His and He is mine.  Oh, my beloved, my Father, my friend, the lover of my soul!  The One who chose me, saved me, sustains me, and loves me.  I need your love today to love You, my wife, my family, my church, my friends, and my community.  Romance me today like you did when you first called my heart to Yourself.  I love you, my beloved.  I will jump into the river of your love today.  I’ll swim and drink deeply.  I’ll drown myself in the pleasure of knowing You and your grace, which came to me, a sinner, through the perfect person and work of Your Son.