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I’ve sensed my heart wandering in the wilderness lately, knowing from where my nourishment comes but being satisfied with hunger and thirst.  Why do I follow after functional gods that give me temporary fixes but cannot sustain me?  I was at the end of my proverbial rope last week when God met me.  He showed me I was trying to conjure up love, peace, joy, etc. without Him.  He said you love me because I first loved you. I cannot do anything spiritually or eternally significant outside of God.  He showed me I must feed on the gospel daily and drink deeply of His grace through the power of the Holy Spirit to be sustained and nourished.  What I lack, He will give.  I came to Him for salvation because I couldn’t save myself so why should I not continue to go back to Him to sustain me with His grace and for Him to provide everything I need spiritually.  I’m thankful today, because of the person and work of Christ, that I can come and receive from the only One I need and trust.  Thank you Father.